11 Dogs That Make The Best Bros Ever





  1. This Dachshund will not hesitate to give you spontaneous hugs and neck kisses!

giphy (13)

2. Dog is like saying :”It’s ok buddy!” This dog exists to comfort his soldier buddy during times of conflict and war. They have gone through thick and thing together.



3. This big fella here has no qualms in adopting a young friend of the “hooved” kind. They spend all their hours cuddling together!


4. This beautiful retriever stayed with her buddy, who had leukemia, all the way till she passed on. He was with her during her final days and hours.


5. This dog waits patiently for his buddy in a truck and even goes to work with him.


6. This dog knows his buddy will go anytime soon. He stays with him till his last breath.


7. While lamb chops is not on the menu today, “lamb licks” are! This dog here shows that it is possible to love another that’s different!


8. Cats and dogs sometimes make the best pals. Dog hugs cat like a bolster to sleep! And did you realize that the cat is humongous! She’s nearly as big as him!! OMG!


9. Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep me from getting me to you! Dog pats buddy on the head as if saying “Are you alright pal?”.


10. This dog is best friends with his squirrel buddy and willing to be his private chauffeur!


11. Dog figured out his best friend needed some saving and drags him to safety!

Don’t you even dare doubt that your dog bro is your best bro ever! He sure is!



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