12 Instances Of Cats Being Totally Mischievous, But Adorable As Well… I LOVED No. 8!

1.They will attack your crotch to get your attention.


2.They will cause the TV and your guitar to fall on you without giving a hoot!

giphy (1)

3. And even smack you to keep you in a box for fun…

giphy (2)

4.They wouldn’t mind pushing you into the pool either…

giphy (3)

5. Or give your kid a flying kick to the head for no reason…

giphy (4)

6. And if you don’t so much as look at her, she bites you again… for fun…her fun…

giphy (5)

7. She will push her own kind down a book shelf… for the heck of it…

giphy (6)

8. And when you want a kiss, she will give you a SWIPE instead!And you will smile at that…

giphy (7)

9. Sometimes she will even sit on your keyboard while you finish up some last minute work…

giphy (9)

10. She will even show your dog who is boss!

giphy (10)


11. And sometimes, she’s the cause of conflict between her cat friends.. LOL!

giphy (11)

12. But because we are suckers for those eyes and cuddly moments, we still love them anyway!


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