15 Epic Cat Fails That Will Leave You In Stitches! My Favorite Was No. 15!

I am not sure what is it about cats that people love. Maybe it is their curious and playful natures. Maybe, just maybe, its their inclination to take risks. Whatever it is, I am thankful that cats exist because they have made me laugh, cry and have a ball of time. In fact, I consider it an honor to be in the company of these beautiful creatures.

If you love cats as much as I do, you would love these 15 epic cat fails!

1.Man why did they dress me in a bee costume? Whoa! Whoops!


2.I am gonna give this one a shot now… And… down I go!

giphy (1)

3. Jump …. Crash!

giphy (2)

4. This cat got attacked by a fish in a tank. I thought it should have been the other way around!

giphy (3)

5. This one needs no explanation. LOL!

giphy (4)

6. This big guy is so fat that he can’t even scratch himself. FAIL!

giphy (5)

7. An exaggerated example of a cat fail but it sure if hilarious!

giphy (6)

8. Let me join in the break dance …. Whoaaaa!

giphy (7)

9. Yikes! I can’t swim… Get me out of here!

giphy (8)

10. I am gonna scoot…. Ouch!

giphy (9)

11. This cat was trying to get from table to table. Not only did he fail in doing so, he flipped spectacularly!

giphy (10)

12. And into the box and over… LOL!

giphy (11)

13. I want those strings!

giphy (12)

14. Chase, chase, chase… bang!

giphy (13)

15. You can’t beat this epic fail!

giphy (14)

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Until then, have a good day ahead!



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