10 Cats So Impossibly Cute That You Just Want To Hug The HELL Out Of Them

Won't You Sleep With Me Tonight?

Won’t You Hug Me To Sleep Tonight?

An incredibly innocent looking kitten with those "Please Hug Me" eyes. Want more?

An incredibly innocent looking kitten with those “Please Hug Me” eyes. Want more?

I look like Garfield don`t I? Probably the cuter version...for now...

I look like Garfield don’t I? Probably the cuter version…for now that is…LOL!


Hey People! I am 2 months old and I am in mama’s arms right now :)


What a white angel of a cat… Isn’t she adorable? AWWW!


Need we say more? I hear you go AWWWWWW!


Hey Sweetie! What Are Ya Looking At?

This fella is just too fluffy and cute!

All For One And One For All![It’s A Video…Go On…Play It!]


And The First Prize Goes To… This Little Baby Here…. Perfectly soft fur and those expressive eyes … AWWWWWWWW!



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