A Dog Vies For A Bone Versus A Tiger


Michael Jamison is the owner of a tiger and a few dogs. In the following video, you will see a dog, Duke, refusing to give up his bone to the tiger. According to Michael, the owner of the animals in the video, he claims that the animals co-exist peacefully and none of them get out of line.

In a sense, these animals have been brought up together and there is a peaceful tolerance among them.

Because viewers to the video were concerned if Diego the tiger could hurt the dog, he was questioned on whether he was putting any of his animals at risk.

Michael said “Ha-Ha , don’t worry , Diego wont hurt the dog , I would never put any animal in danger , these animals know each other very well and allow one another to eat while others are looking , I try to get the greed factor as little as possible ,they will have to get along even if they are hungry and eating one another is out of the question . I try to expose them to as much as possible while they are young in order to have them as friendly as possible when they are older , there is no such thing as a tame tiger , but I try to keep them as tame as possible .”

Well, it seems like Michael knows what he is talking about and he seems very confident that accidents will not occur under his care.

Watch the video here.



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