A Tale of Friendship, Separation And Reunion …. Watching This Brought Me To Tears…

This is the story of 2 elephants, Jenny and Shirley. They were once circus elephants that performed in the same circus together. Their lives are filled with hardship, despair and suffering. Now, getting on in their years, they are finally brought to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee to be reunited after being separated for 22 years. Consider yourself warned… This may just bring you to tears.


Shirley Returns to the elephant sanctuary in 22 years.



Jenny also returns to the same elephant sanctuary that Shirley is brought to guided by a trainer.



This scene just makes my hair stand! They embrace each other lovingly, though separated by steel gates.



Oops, in their attempts to be with each other, the steel gates were reportedly bent.


In their desperation to be with each other, they bent the steel gates separating them.


The steel gates were finally removed and they meet at last.



They proceed to sniff each other and just play with each other. Aww!


Alas, they are together and they embrace each other heart to heart.


They take slow walks together in the open field and are just contented. After 22 years or so, it is finally a time for them to relax and retire.



They can’t stop being together!



Happy together at last!


Apparently, Shirley and Jenny met 25 years ago when they were working in a circus. Then, Jenny had just been brought from Asia, an infant. Shirley, the older elephant took care of Jenny like a mother would in an elephant herd. They must have had some tough times together. The life of circus elephants is definitely filled with hardship and suffering. But finally, they are happy together, the outcome we all want. Watch the video below!


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