Boy Walks Blind Deer Every Day To Find Food … This Story Made My Day!

10 year old boy walks blind deer.

10 year old boy walks blind deer.

This does not happen every day. But it did and it sure broke the internet.

This is a story of a boy that saved a deer. A blind deer to be exact. This little blind deer wandered into the Chicago neighborhood where this boy lived in, seeking food and shelter. But the problem was that the deer was blind on both eyes and it could not rely on itself to find food or shelter.

Thankfully, for many animals lovers such as us, there is a happy ending. A 10 year old kid living in the neighborhood took it upon himself to walk her every day to find grass patches for her to eat. He patiently guides her to different grass patches every single day.

According to several reports, the deer has been taken away by animal rescue groups who have taken the little deer into their care. And no! She won’t be put down. Most likely, the gentle animal will be placed in a petting zoo. That’s great news for all concerned animal lovers.






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