Dog Saves Baby! Ditch the babysitter… Just Get A Dog!…I Am Just Totally Amazed…

The compassion and love of dogs are sometimes unparalleled. They are more than willing to die for us… This, we believe is not an overstatement. On a sunny day in Turkey, a baby is filmed crawling towards the sea. Just as it looks like the waves are about to swallow him or her for that matter, super mutt the rescue!


Baby is crawling towards the sea unnoticed.


Unknown dog rushes towards the baby frantically! I mean, this is not something you see everyday people.

What you are about to see will amaze you!


Dog sits in front of the baby and refuses to let the baby crawl further!


Finally, the mother comes and scoops the baby out of harms way. What was the mother doing anyway?


Dogs, our best friends, our companion can really teach us a thing or two about love, compassion and kindness. We were just wondering, “Where in the world were the baby’s parents anyway?”. This is a lesson in love, compassion, kindness, friendship and more. If this message resonates with you, kindly spread the word. We would like to get in touch with the baby’s parents and give the dog a bone and a goody bag. And we mean it.

Watch the video here.

 Source: YouTube



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