Drowning Bear Was Crying For Her Dear Life… Sends Chills Down My Spine… Moments Later? Heart Warming!

If you have lost your faith in humanity, this video might re-ignite it. A bear was somehow separated from her mother and was caught on video swimming for her dear life out in sea. She was later caught in a rope when she tried to find a place to rest. A good Samaritan who was having a vacation witnessed all of these events and decided to do something about it. With a small boat, he made his way with a group of people, presumably his family members out to the bear and managed to untangle the poor bear from the rope.

Next, he held on to the bear as the boat brought the bear safely to shore. Amazing end to an amazing day!


The bear was found exhausted and swimming for her dear life. She seemed completely exhausted at this point.



She was now swimming towards anything that could offer her a place to rest.



Somehow, she got caught in some rope.



Man hangs onto the bear while holding onto the edge of a boat.



The boat moves slowly  with the man holding onto the bear towards the shore.



The man released the bear and it finally made it to shore. She looks back briefly as if thanking the man and makes her way.

Watch the amazing rescue here:



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