Heartwarming! What This Stray Dog Did…I’m Crying Rivers Now…

An extreme sports team from Sweden was taking part in a 430 mile race through the Amazon rainforest. Little did they know that this race was going to change their lives. In the final stages of the race, they met Arthur, a stray dog. Arthur was in a bad condition physically. He looked dirty, hungry and was even wounded with a deep gash along its back.

It surely wasn’t love at first sight.

Out of pity, the team’s leader, Mikael tossed a meatball to Arthur while preparing for the final section of the grueling race. A few kilometres into the race, to the team’s surprise, they found that Arthur had been following them all this while.

The journey was strenuous. Sometimes, the entire team was knee deep in mud. But still, Arthur soldiered on with the rest of his crew. At a certain point in the journey, Arthur was just completely exhausted. He was way too weak to even walk. He lay stuck in mud. The crew had to even pull him out of the mud.  They rested for a while, took a break and gave Arthur 2 needed cans of food to rejuvenate him. Thereafter, they soldiered on.

There were too many incidents that spoke of Arthur’s loyalty to the team. Once, one of the crew members became severely dehydrated. Arthur stood guard to watch over the team and never wavered once.

But the real test was to come.

The team had a final 59 km stretch of water to kayak across and the team was advised not to take Arthur along for this stretch of the race. Arthur was already maxed out here at this point and the team decided to leave him on the shore.

However, Arthur refused to be left behind. He followed the team by swimming beside the Kayak. Heart broken and touched at the same time, Mikael decided that they had to take Arthur along. Makael then carried Arthur into the Kayak.

The team proceeded to complete the race and finished in 12th position with 5 members instead of 4 members. After the race, Mikael decided to adopt Arthur and bring Arthur back to Sweden. Arthur had now found his forever home!

This is Arthur still looking fresh midway through the race.


Arthur hanging around the crew. This is the easy part of the race.


Arthur, still walking…


Still walking… Wait a go Arthur!


Arthur shows visible signs of exhaustion here.


Arthur can be seen dragging himself through knee deep mud here with the rest of the crew.


Arthur swims alongside the kayak and refuses to be left on the shore. Wouldn’t you want a dog like that?


Can you spot Arthur here? He shivers in the middle of the night and the crew puts a jacket over him.


Arthur all worn out, dirty, muddy and hungry here along with Mikael. Mikael and Arthur were now the best of buddies. It was the end of the race and Arthur was going to Sweden!


Arthur is finally in Sweden and appears on a TV show!


What a story and what a journey! Like this and share with your loved ones today! To Arthur:You go little fella! You go on and live a good life , loving your new mummy and daddy and your new found life!

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