Inseparable ! Syrian Boy Walks 500 Kilometers With Puppy To Get To Freedom!

When you think Syria, you think of oppression, danger and a politically stifling climate that has caused many to leave this land in search of greener pastures. For these refugees, they will risk everything RIGHT NOW for a better future, a future of hope and they are are prepared to do anything.

Amidst these times of trial and struggle comes an amazing story of a Syrian boy,Aslan, just 17 years of age, who like others have left their homeland for better conditions elsewhere. And what makes this story spectacular is that this boy’s journey to freedom with his beloved pet dog, Rose.

In total, he has walked a distance of 500 km with his pet dog from Damascus, all across the Mediterranean and finally landing up in Greece.

When asked why he had to bring along his dog, he replied “I love this dog! I need her!” He has even made a passport for his dog so that he could bring her along with him.

A very touching story indeed and we at wish them well!

A dog named Rose was being carried here to a clearing to be fed. Here in their journey, they were in Croatia.


Here, we can see Rose being fed.


Rose seems to be enjoying her food here. She must be very hungry!


A different place. At this stage of their journey, they were in Greece.


“I Love My Dog! I Need Her!”



Watch the video here.



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