Is That An Iguana? My Jaws Dropped When I saw This! Unbelievable!

This is an Iguana. And you won’t believe this. It is actually having a regular breakfast on a table with his best buddy. His buddy, a kid was just munching his cereals alongside with him as if it is just another ordinary day. You bet it’s just another ordinary day in this family. This family’s pet is an Iguana, a kind of gigantic lizard people are usually afraid of. Amazing isn’t it?


Watch the video here:

The world is an amazing place. When Noah brought all of God’s creatures into the ark with him, it must have been a direct order from God to love his creatures and this family is really just walking the talk. A pet Iguana for you maybe?

:) This is a message of love and peace. If this resonates with you do not hesitate to share this with your friends and family!




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