Loyal Dog Kept Vigil Outside Hospital For 8 Days To See Owner. What Happens Next? Simply Heartwarming!!!

De Costa may not have very much in way of material possessions. But what he has is the love, friendship and loyalty of his dog that goes beyond any measure of wealth a man can have. De Costa was hurt in a random assault which saw a rock hitting his face. In what was supposed to be a brief visit to get his wounds treated, the physicians at the hospital  discovered that he had Melanoma on his face and would need surgery to remove it. The dog, a 4 year old mutt at the time, kept vigil outside the hospital . He was refused entry as hospital rules dictate that dogs cannot enter hospitals.

As the days dragged on, hospital staff took notice of the dog and gave it plenty of food and water. In the 8th day of the vigil, touched by the dog’s unrelenting patience, the staff decided to break the rules and allow the dog to see its owner. What happens next? Amazing!

Lovely mutt kept vigil outside hospital for 8 days!

Lovely mutt kept vigil outside hospital for 8 days!


Dog can’t help but wag its tail furiously, licking his face and kissing him, quite obviously overjoyed to see his master!


This is a scene that will keep replaying in my head for a long time to come. We are just glad that the owner found love and peace with his beloved mutt. All the best to the both of them!

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