The Bravery Of This Dog… OMG!.. I’M ALL Tears and Snort right now!

Alaskan trooper, Terence Shenigans was at a cross roads. His GPS system in the car had frozen up when he suddenly saw a German Shepherd named Buddy. Immediately, the dog started running. For some reason on that fateful day, Terence decided to trust his instincts by following the dog. Occasionally, Buddy did give him some cues by turning his head to look at the car. Lo and Behold, after a minute or so, a burning house appeared out of the woods and the rest as they say is history. Because of the heroic actions of Buddy, his owner was saved from the burning home. And apparently, this is not Buddy’s first heroic deed and may not be his last. According to Buddy’s owner, Buddy has even chased off bears to protect him while he was fishing.

This, my dear friends, is Buddy!



Here, Buddy is leading the way to the burning house.



The house was in fire. Just in the nick of time, Buddy’s owner was saved!

Source: Youtube

Watch the video here:

Buddy is surely one heck of a dog. Give the dog a bone! No no no! Give him some fat beef steak! He deserves it. This is just one of those memorable videos that will definitely withstand the test of time. If you are inspired like us, kindly share this and like us on facebook.





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