The Mongolian version of “Hachi” … What Happens Next? This May Leave You In Tears

In a video by News Agency Mongolian TV, a video of a dog has been seen circulating around youtube. It is reportedly the Mongolian version of “Hachi” , a movie made years ago, starring Richard Gere and a dog that refused to stopped waiting for its owner to come home although its owner had died. This Mongolian dog however is seen loitering a a bridge in the movie, seemingly waiting for someone.



The video goes on to state in a very musically artistic way that its owner died in an accident and the dog has since been waiting for him.

I am not sure whether this is a promotion of an upcoming movie but stories like these are not uncommon. This reallt does leave me with a tinge of sadness and we really wish the dog well here. If this video is real, kindly contact us at teddyverse and we will gladly write more about it to help the dog find a home. Do share this post as well. In the meantime, here is the video.




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