These 2 horses were left for dead, What Happened Next Will Leave You With Joyful Tears Of Relief

Be warned! What you are about to see is heartbreaking but by the time you are done reading this, you will be much relieved!

2 horses Scarlett and Beauty were tied to some trees, and literally  left for dead. By the time they were found, they were a bag of complete bones, almost starved to death. This story features the will and determination of one of the horses who was saved from the brink of death.


This is Scarlett, a bag of bones when she was found.


She was found tied to this tree and the rescuers were trying to untie her. She was obviously on the verge of death, death from starvation


She was housed in a temporary compound and her rescuers gave her water. She  was reportedly dehydrated. She drank as much water as she could and then she just lay down.


At this point in time, she seemed like she wouldn’t make it.Nobody thought she could make it.


She is brought to a stable and nursed back to health.


About 30 days later, she finally regains and recovers most of her strength and is looking better. These are the before and after photographs to prove it.

Watch video here:

Source: YouTube

The rescuers did a great job nursing her back to health. May God Bless You All! Your actions have inspired us to be better!  Kindly visit if you’d like to know more.




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