These Dogs Are Trapped In Cages, Bound For Slaughter Houses, Completely HeartBreaking But There Is A Silver Lining

These dogs shown here are a picture of despair and hopelessness. They look on hopelessly as the camera rolls, trying to gain evidence of the dog meat trade of Thailand. It is completely ridiculous that us humans actually resort to this. If you are watching the video to this you can hear the dogs bark and wail at the same time. It is a sort of sound animal lovers would not want to hear. It is completely and utterly heartbreaking to witness this.


These are just some of the dogs that are trapped in cages. They are on their way to be slaughtered as meat. They look tired, hungry and exhausted. And those that still have the energy, they are half wailing, half barking. It is heartbreaking to say the least. Why must we do this?


Our eyes settled on this dog here. What in the world is a westie doing here? You mean they eat westies? This has to stop! Our resident dog is a westie and we love her so much.


This dog here looking at the camera is probably a labrador or a golden retriever. Look at those sad eyes people.


Some of the other dogs too fearful to do anything.


Those that are rescued are brought to a shelter and it cost $46000 to house all these dogs for one month.


This dog here is Cherry. She is one of those lucky dogs that were rescued. For the rest that weren’t rescued, we are sorry we didn’t do enough. Our prayers are with you…


This is Cherry now in a better place, all thanks to Soidogs, the organisation that rescued her. We have to do much more and a $20 donation can support 3 dogs for a month. If you are reading this and feel as strongly as us, please help this get viral. Like our facebook page right now and please share this. There is only so much we can do. We all have our parts to play to make this world a better place and you can make a difference. Please visit to make a donation today.

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