These Kittens Were Doomed To Die… What Happened Next?… Made Me Cry Tears Of Joys

Kittens Doomed To Die In An Exhaust Duct

Kittens Doomed To Die In An Exhaust Duct

It isn’t too hard to imagine what would have happened to these adorable kittens if they were not saved by the kind souls of Animal Unlimited. These kittens were meowing for their dear lives for two whole days in a restaurant exhaust duct. In case you didn’t know what these ducts do, they help to channel smoke and fumes out of the restaurants. It is thus no wonder that one of these kittens found was covered in black soot.

To make matters worse, the 5 kittens were actually quite deep in the vent. It was no easy task trying to get them out. It required the cutting and sawing off a rectangular sheet of metal from the duct before a volunteer was able to reach in and to grab these kitties out of danger.

In a world of materialism and greed, it is always so refreshing to see an act of humanity in action spring out of nowhere. There are angels indeed and these guys must have accumulated some really good karma here. At teddyverse, we always go out of our way to endorse such acts of kindness. If this is a message that you believe in as well, kindly share this with others for we are all really one. Also please consider a donation to the nice folks at Animal Aid Unlimited!



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