This Amazing Story Of A Miracle Dog Covered in Tar will leave you Angry, Gasping and Hoping It Ends Well….Try not to cry when you see this…

A mongrel was apparently found covered in tar and could not move its already frail body. How did that happen? So the story goes like that. It had been wandering around when it accidentally fell into a pool of hot tar. Presumably, it’s an accident. Not more more is known about how it fell into the pool of hot tar. Hot tar, normally used to pave roads and pavements has a boiling point that is approximately 105 degrees celcius. Anybody coming into contact with hot tar will undoubtedly get burnt and severely injured, not to mention a frail street dog.

When the dog was found, the tar had already hardened and hence it could not move.


When it was found, this was how it looked. Nearly lifeless, it could only look on helplessly, waiting to die.


The wonderful volunteers at Animal Aid Unlimited proceed to use vegetable oil to soften the tar on its body. The arduous process took 2 days and all the mongrel could do was lay down and be helped. It must have been in extreme pain then.



Finally, after 2 whole days of painstaking care , love and patience, the dog finally looks well again. It is now back to its normal self and very hungry indeed. It was also seen wagging its tail which is a great sign of recovery. See the video below.

Source: YouTube

To those at Animal Aid Unlimited India, we thank you for having done a wonderful job. The credit goes to you fully and your exemplary love is something for all of us to emulate.

If you are reading this and want to help consider visiting to make a donation. This is a message of love and hope. If this message resonates with you, kindly share with others so that they can benefit from it.





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