This Cat Is Blind But How She Lives Her Life Will Amaze You…

Honey Bee is a blind cat from Fiji. By all means, she’s considered disabled. But you know what? You can’t stop her. You can’t stop her from living a full life, a life of adventure, love and companionship. And she’s as active as any cat can be. Being blind does not stop her, cannot stop her and will not stop her from living a good life.


This is Honey bee. As you can see, she has no eyes.


Here is Honey Bee, tracking and hiking up the mountains with her wonderful owner. He must be one heck of a guy.


She even goes off trail sometimes to climb up rocks and hills.


If she is tired, this is what her owner does. He carries her on his shoulders.


Pampered little fella!


Sometimes, she stops to take a break. She has snacks and water just like us.


Whoa! How did she get up there?




On her way down the mountains, she just snuggles up and sleeps away . What a great life!

Thank you Honey Bee and owner and also those at that saved her. You guys are great! Please consider sending a donation to and do not hesitate to share this wonderful story with others.



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