This Giant Of A Cat Thinks Of Her Human As A Slave & Clings Onto Owner All Day Long… Stop Human Slavery ! LOL!

Cats can make the best of friends just like dogs. But unlike dogs, they show affection in a different way. They cling to you. And the video below is a classic example of that. A Japanese lady who owns this beautiful ginger cat, who happens to be pretty big and heavy posted this video to youtube. In the video, you can see the cat sitting on the lady’s back as she does her household chores. Pretty damn cute and amazing to watch. For now, I am at a loss for words.

Japanese owner bends down to do some work, probably pick up some litter. What does kitty do? Kitty chills on owners back. And did we mention! Kitty is huge!


Japanese owner walks to the table and kitty hangs in there…and may I say, pretty comfortably.


Kitty: What’ya looking at?catclinging3

Watch the video below.

Who owns who? LOL! I say let’s put an end to human slavery by sharing this.



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