This Guy Got The Shock Of His Life When He Went Diving At Night… What Happens Next? I laughed So Hard!

This chap here decided to go for a night dive off the California coast. Yes! He’s got guts but wait till you see the shocker. Even he got shocked. When he was about to climb onto his kayak, a baby Sea Lion climbed up onboard as well and refused to leave. After examining the Sea Lion, he felt that it had some bite marks on it and suspected that he could have been looking for a safe haven from sharks. But experts who were interviewed do believe that it must have been feeling very cold. Whatever it is, this is a one a million, shocker of an incident and very hilarious as well.

sealionshockThe Sea Lion pup climbs up on board the kayak just as the diver ends his night dive. Shocker!


The Sea Lion here refuses to leave the kayak even after some persuasion. LOL!

The man eventually stayed on the kayak with the Sea Lion.

Watch the hilarious video here.

Source : Youtube

What a day for the diver and the Sea Lion!



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