This Heartbreaking Story of A Dog Rescued From Abusive Owner Will Drive Your Emotions Wild… I`M SPEECHLESS!

The good Samaritans of Animal Aid Unlimited India have done it once again. They rescued an abused dog who was on the verge of dying, just in the nick of time. Let us introduce you to Grace. Grace, a mongrel was found with a wire that had cut through her mouth. More likely than not, she must have tried to wiggle the wire out of her but over time, the wire seemed to cut deeper into her mouth.



This was how she looked like when she was found. Her will to survive had diminished drastically by then. She was just waiting to die. The pain was unbearable. If you examine her neck, you can see a wire hanging .



There is the wire. Her neck and mouth had been so badly lacerated by the wire that it’s just heartbreaking.


This is a close up of the wound. Now they proceed to cut the wire off her.



The wire has not been removed. They proceed to administer doses of medication and I.V. drips to her.


If you look at the wire here, you can see the extent of damage done to her. There are even bits of flesh left on the wire.


She is now brought to her bed to rest.



The volunteers noted that she was still very fearful at this point.



We wondered what happened to her left eye as well.



But she looks beautiful here doesn’t she?



Here, the volunteers have taken her out to the sun. She is still too weak.


Over time, she gets better and regains her playful nature. She also regains most of her appetite by the time you see her here.



As she got better, she goes for occasional dips in the pool. Her private pool!

Sometimes we really wonder how people could be so cruel. Wire tied to the mouth? That’s simply unthinkable! Which is why we need more people to get to know about this and to really spread the word that this is not acceptable. No way! Thank you to those at Animal Aid Unlimited. If you really want to help, here’s your chance to. Do consider contacting the organisation and offering them a small donation. Visit and spread the news by sharing this link.

Also, you can watch the video here:

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