This Is One Orangutan You Can Save Now! He Is In Your Hands!


A baby orangutan named Gito was found by activists of the International Animal Rescue in Borneo. The little baby was found in a dirty, damp cardboard box, with his hands awkwardly twisted. He was also found to be dehydrated and critically ill with a highly infectious and contagious skin infection. Nobody knows why it happened but if one were to make a guess, it is likely that his mother was killed and he was pryed away from his mother’s warm arms.

He was left out in the sun and was hours away from a certain  death when he was found. In fact, they thought that he was already dead.

“Gito’s arms were folded corpse-like across his tiny body and he looked almost mummified in his cardboard coffin. Gito had barely any hair on his body and his skin was grey and flaking from sarcoptic mange. The constant itching and pain must have been excruciating.It is incredible that Gito was still alive when our team got to him.”

Immediately, Gito was brought to the emergency room to be worked on. His skin was massaged with coconut oil to loosen his dehydrated skin and he was also put on drips. He is now on 24 hour care and the vets and nurses attend to him around the clock.

1.Gito was taken into the emergency treatment room immediately after they had found him. He was in bad shape here, severely malnutritioned and dehydrated. His skin was wrinkly and his arms were locked in an awkward position.


2. Gito was then laid on pads to make him as comfortable as possible. They proceeded to massage coconut oil into his skin to alleviate his skin conditions.


3.Gito was so weak that he could not even sit upright without aid.


4. They try to clean and disinfect Gito’s skin as much as possible.


5. Gito looking like he’s in a lot of pain.


For an orangutan that is barely 2 months old, he has gone through quite a bit of hardship. We, at teddyverse hope that you can do your part to help Gito survive this ordeal. Do consider a donation to the nice folks at and gain some great karma at the same time. In the meatime, our thoughts and prayers go to Gito. We’ll be praying for you Gito! Hang in there!



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