This Lovely Canine Sacrificed Her Leg To Save Her Family… Then? I’M SPEECHLESS

This story has to be told. Not long ago, 4 armed intruders crept into a home while the  whole family was asleep. One of the intruders pointed a shot gun at the father. As the shot was about to go off, the pit bull jumped in to protect her  father and that left her to take the impact of the shot. When that happened, her shoulder was shattered and all the soft tissue was blown off by the bullet. By the time she reached the vet, she was in complete shock and was bleeding profusely. Surgery took place almost immediately and it was found that there was no choice but to amputate her whole right leg.





After she was shot, she was brought to the animal hospital where surgery took place immediately. Her right leg had to be amputated.



But today she’s fine as can be and lives a healthy, happy life. The thing about dogs is that they live in the moment unlike us human beings. What’s past is past and every day is a new beginning!

Source: Youtube

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Pit bulls are a most misunderstood bunch of dogs. If anything at all, these fellas will lay down their lives for their master without so much as a blink of any eye. And this trait is highly commendable. If you like this story of selflessness, do share it with your friends and loved  ones.



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