This Pigeon Caused A 3 Car Crash On Russian Roads! But Is The Pigeon Ok? Watch!


This rascal of a pigeon here decided to cross the roads one day without looking left and right. And what resulted? A massive 3 car crash! Of course, being an animal lover, my first reaction is : Is the pigeon ok?  From what I can see with my own eyes, yes, the pigeon should have escaped unscathed.

Watch the video here.

I am not sure what to make of it. On the one hand, the action of the compassionate driver who tried to avoid the pigeon at all costs must be applauded!  On the other hand, the monetary damages to the car must have been a heavy one as well. If anything at all, this video sends out a positive message on the need to respect and preserve life. Animal lovers should be gladdened by this!

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