This Seal Just Wants A Friend.. What Happens Next?… Puts A Smile On My Face!



On what seems like a hot sunny day, a seal was spotted swimming along the Thames River playfully, trying to attract the attention of those who passed by. It sure did! A  woman and a dog walked right up to the edge of the river and her dog came face to face with the seal. While the seal was rather friendly, the dog was a little cautious, though curious at the same time.


The seal meets the dog face to face . Both hang around a bit, and then, the seal finally swims away.

Watch the video here.

Source : Youtube

Seals can be one of the most friendly creatures we have seen. They seem to have a fondness for humans as companions. In fact, these seals have an intelligence that is grossly underrated. We do wonder if anyone do keep these beautiful creatures as pets. Until then, we will be searching for a story like that.




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