When A Grizzly Bear Charged Their Way, They Played It Cool! Watch!

grizzlybear grizzlybear

I was shaking in my pants when watched this video and you’ll find out why soon.

A bunch of nature watchers were out in the woods, fishing along the river when they saw a grizzly bear. They were probably fishing too close to the bear’s fishing spot. In a sudden chain of events, the bear turned his body around and began charging at the group.

At this point in time for most of us, instinct would have told us to “get the hell out of there”. But no! The group stood their ground, holding their cameras, recording every move that the bear made. Apparently, they did the right thing.

According to experts, it is best not to run and scream your head off in fear for it is highly probable that us humans will not be able to outrun the bear, unless you are Usain Bolt! Other bits of advice include, not making eye contact and trying to remain as quiet as possible, especially if one encounters a bear attack.

If the bear does physically try to attack you, curl up into a ball and lie on your stomachs if possible. And if you have a spray, consider using it on the bear if it is within 25 feet.

I was really surprised at what the group did. They were as cool as cucumbers and did not make any noise whatsoever. They didn’t even use sprays to defend themselves! To me, that was just an amazing lesson on “How to survive a grizzly bear attack 101”.



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