Wow ! Just Simply Wow! Did A Mynah Bird Do Just That?

Seriously???!!!!!! Did this mynah just do what it did? Mynahs are birds which originate from South East Asia. Hang around the beaches of Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia and these are the birds which you will see almost everyday. This bird that you are about to see is a species unique to Thailand. And guess what!! They are not known to talk that way. Parrots talk! Mynah’s don’t do nothing and that’s just how it is. Period!

At some point, the mynah bird just says “Sawadeecap!” which means “Hello!”. Here is the bird that will amaze you!


This is the especially talented mynah that talks!

Well, you know what, nothing conveys the message like video does. Watch the video here!


 Source: YouTube

We just hope that this bird wasn’t cruelly treated by its owners. Mynahs are not supposed to be locked up in cages. If you are the owner and reading this, we implore you to kindly consider releasing him/her for karma’s sake. If this message resonates with you, spread those seeds baby!



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