Wow! This Man Would Have Died If Not For His Cat … Amazing!


Damon, a diabetic, would have died, if not for his feline savior. It happened one fateful afternoon when his blood sugar level increased to dangerously high levels that caused him to fall into a coma. Thankfully, he was not alone. He was with none other than Oz, his cat .

Oz sensed the danger and went over to another room where Damon’s girlfriend was in to wake her up. By the time she went to check on Damon, he was cold and unresponsive.

He was then rushed to hospital where he was treated by doctors who said that his recovery was impressive. If it wasn’t for Oz, Damon may not be around today. This speaks volumes about the intelligence quotient of cats and it is a great story to tell all cats lovers today!

Watch the video here.



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