You Will Never Guess In A Million Years What This Dog Did… Made Me Laugh So Hard I Fell Off My Chair!

In what seemed like an ordinary day out with Mummy, Mummy bought some ice cream for the dogs Daisy and Cooper. It definitely made the dogs salivate for some yummy ice cream. “No Cooper, let Daisy have some…”, Mummy said. Cooper thought to himself, “Alright, i am gonna wait my turn … “. Little do we know that this dog is such a strategist. He must have read some Sun Tzu Art Of War in his past life.


No Cooper! You have to wait your turn. Let Daisy have some ice cream first.


Daisy proceeds to have some ice cream. Cooper thinks “Just you wait…”

It's mine now!!!!

It’s mine now!!!!

Can’t see what it’s about? Watch the video below here!



Source: YouTube

The intelligence of this dog is simply amazing. It makes us wonder sometimes if dogs are really human souls trapped in a different body. It could very well be that case! If this message resonates with you, share this article right now!



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